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April 5, 2010

The Formula Renaults made a good start to CRS’ racing season last weekend. Now it is time for the Ferrari 430s to race as the first round of the 2010 Le Mans Series (LMS) is this weekend at the stunning Paul Ricard track in the south of France.

This is the first LMS race for CRS and the team knows that the competition is incredibly strong in the GT2 category. CRS is prepared though with two strong driver line-ups, a well-drilled pit crew and two fully updated Ferrari 430s, which will be out in their new 2010 livery.

The 430s will use the wider Michelin tyres this year so the bodywork has been upgraded to accommodate the new rubber. The changes also incorporate the new higher weight category and engine restrictor size and add up to an improved race car, as all the CRS drivers will be out to demonstrate.

Pierre Ehret, Phil Quaife and Pierre Kaffer will race Ferrari No.90. Kaffer has already tasted success this year with GT2 victory at the Sebring 12 Hours so he and his team-mates will be fired up for a good showing at Ricard.

“I think us three drivers gelled well together at the Ricard test,” said Kaffer. “We are now a team within a team and it is good that we work together so well. I already feel at home at CRS; it is a good environment to work in. I like driving at Ricard, especially on the long circuit. It’s not an easy track by any means but I am confident that we will have a good race. The new car is definitely better than the old one, with more grip overall. It is a lot of fun to drive!”

Andrew Kirkaldy and Tim Mullen make up a formidable pairing in CRS Ferrari No.91. Both drivers have raced the 430 for many years and have worked together for just as long.

“I think the car is looking promising now,” said Kirkaldy. “The Ricard test went well for us and we were quick there. We worked through a big test programme and came away pretty happy with the results. It’s good to be racing with Tim. We have always been quick but we were always in separate cars so it’s nice to join forces at last. Hopefully we’ll get some decent weather too as everywhere we’ve been lately has been freezing cold and wet!”

CRS’ Managing Director Mark Busfield commented: “The winter break is now over and the team has been very busy over the last few months getting everything ready for this first race. We have updated the race cars and have spent a lot of time getting the drivers and team ready with numerous tests over the last few months. It will be good to get the season started.”

The eight-hour Le Mans Series race gets unde! rway this Sunday at 1100 CET (1000 BST). In the UK there is live cove rage of much of the race on Eurosport. Please check listings for details.


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